Entangled Dimensions


Apple, Resin

Dimensions variable


Entangled Dimensions (お鯉 / Okoi)


Entangled Dimensions (小萩 / Kohagi)


Entangled Dimensions (小鈴 / Kosuzu)


Entangled Dimensions (高尾 / Takao)




Entangled Dimensions

 The knowledge of the facts inscribed in this land where I am now has changed my everyday landscape. No matter how much science and technology develop, no matter how rational and logical I try to think, the emotions that drive worlds filled with meanings are etched into my body and influence my next actions even if I’m not aware of it. The aspect of human dignity, such as respect for culture and history, is buried in our minds as an ambivalent seed that opens up unexpectedly beautiful and/or miserable realities. Within coincidental entanglements, imagining a place separated by time in my mind, the fact that I now have a safe and peaceful mental space makes me feel joy and sorrow of living on this soil.